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Our Products

Founded in 1995 Rielly Industrial Lumber is a producer of high grade, kiln dried and green, Western Red Cedar products. Online Catalogue


Custom Work

Components for industrial customers can be produced in many unique sizes and grades.   Inquiries

KD & Green Clears

WRC 2x8 C and better

WRC 2x8 C and better

One of the premier features of coastal Western Red Cedar is the relative abundance of clear fiber contained in each log. As the tree grows older the amount of knot free clear wood increases. The benefit of using clear Western Red Cedar is not only does it present a blemish free consistent appearance but also the clear fiber is more stable and will last longer than knotty grades.

Clear lumber can not only be used for decking surfaces but also for interior or exterior trim, millwork, gazebos, fascia or any other indoor or outdoor visible purpose. We regularly manufacture and stock the following kiln dried and green clears.

  • 1x2/ 1x3/ 1x4 s1s2e green, up to 20’, clear
    WRC 4x4 green C and better

    WRC 4x4 green C and better

  • 1x4/ 1x6/ 1x8/ 1x12 Abtr s1s2e kd 8-20’
  • 2x2 clear s4s green and kiln dried 12” to 20’
  • 2x4/ 2x6/ 2x8 s4s green clear 6-20’
  • 2x4/ 2x6 s4s kiln dried 6’-20’
  • 4x4 s4s c and better green 4-20’
  • 4x4 Abtr s4s kiln dried clear 6-20’
  • 6x6 C and better s4s green 8 to 20’