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At Rielly Lumber we believe that sustainable forest practices are the key to our future. Every forest company must contribute in some way to the health of our resources... Read more


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Founded in 1995 Rielly Industrial Lumber is a producer of high grade, kiln dried and green, Western Red Cedar products. Online Catalogue


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Components for industrial customers can be produced in many unique sizes and grades.   Inquiries


2012 02 - February

In February of 2012 our company, in partnership with Paul Clasby, purchased the land and assets of Yarrow Wood Inc. Jake Weins, also a partner, will continue to manage the business with the high level of proficiency and confidentiality Yarrow Wood has come to be known for. Yarrow Wood now has the security, strength and mandate to continue doing the business that they have built for the foreseeable future. While this mill will run as it always has, providing custom manufacturing capacity to local lumber companies, there will also be some direct benefits to Rielly Lumber.

Rielly Lumber  now has increased storage and manufacturing capacity as we grow our stock keeping units of finished products. We also have considerable unused land that we can use for additional, new manufacturing processes. In short, we have secured a physical location where we can grow our business for the next few years. This translates into security and flexibility for our customers going forward.